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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet Devil Kirki

Kirkidevil... my last Work..

It was funny that when i finish my work on hair... Kirki looking her new  horns in the mirror said... oooh now I feel like myself! :-)

...And you may think that it's just a stylist game.. but she keeps this hair look for 3 days.. So if you meet a blond devil in your street, don't worry It can be Kirki.

Sweet Devil Kirki look

Hairstylist: Janeli

Make-up artist: Jana Boberg COCO'S

Model: Kirki Kubri

Outfit: Naughty Beauty

Location: JEM ilusalong

soon the hair tutorial.. stay tuned ;-)

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ciao Janeli

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  1. Mi ha colpito tantissimo questo BLOG infatti mi sono unita. Da circa un anno gestisco un Blog che si occupa di tuttaltro, ma mi piace conoscere altri Blog.

  2. Grazie SARA, mi fa piacere che ti piacciono i miei lavori!